Finalised Presentations!

They are in, well, most of them at least! A great all round effort and the Prime Minister of Australia is pleased with what has been proposed and submitted. We will have the official showing next week where official proposals and discussion will take place.

Finalise you Presentations

The UN have made contact and are VERY KEEN to see what plans your team has developed to save the world! Remember that they are expecting,  and expecting nothing less, than a video presentation, that is between 3-5minutes in length. All scientists, group members, need to contribute to the presentation in some way. Next week, you share!

Good luck!

UN Report

Hello researchers and scientists.

The UN have decided that they would like a report from your team outlining what your both discovered so far as well as what plans you are thinking of putting in to place to… well… save the WORLD!

The way that you show this your work is entirely up to you.

Good luck!

Mission To Save Earth!

Ready for a BIG Challenge!

Just like below…

We are in trouble people! A lone astronomer in Northern Queensland has spotted an “Earth killer” asteroid that has come to be called “Doomsday One”. D-1 will strike Earth in the southern hemisphere in one year, that’s 365 days from now!

It will strike near the city of Melbourne. Scientists predict that this will be an extinction level event meaning nothing, NOTHING, including Bacteria will survive!

Your challenge is to form a team (please no more than 3) and design a plan to save the world from an imminent collision with the Doomsday-1 Asteroid. You need to prepare a video presentation for the Prime Minister of Australia, who will then take this to the United Nations ‘Save Us Summit’, in Geneva, Switzerland. You presentation needs to highlight the merits of your plan.

In short. Your teams has been asked to save the world. Good luck and Godspeed!