Success Looks Like…

A successful plan will make a great case for it’s chance of success. Be sure that your group has a shared vision of what it wants to achieve in the allotted time you have before impact.

Any math and science must make sense and you will need to consult with an outside expert who will help guide you in your designs and recommend your plan to the Prime Minister.

All members of your group are responsible for a working knowledge of the entire plan that you’re aiming to implement . Please COLLECT EVIDENCE by taking pictures and shooting video of your team as they work to complete this mission.

In this challenge you will have to become expert at all things related to asteroids and in some instances space. Remember that you can ask outside experts and other sources of information to help you formulate your plan. Additional respect will be won by those groups utilizing technology tools and other collaborative or design tools such as pencils, markers and whiteboards, which all still work. You will need evidence that your plan can work and you will be tasked with defending your plan before a panel of experts.

Final presentations should be captured on video to be viewed by the Prime Minister. These videos should be no longer than 5 minutes in length.

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