Firstly, once your group is established, you will need to hold a meeting that will help you in creating a plan to, ummm, just basically… SAVE THE WORLD.

In two weeks time your group will need to plan another meeting where you will share your group makeup, your research and your preliminary plan of attack. This will be your soft deadline when you will share your nearly ready presentations with the community.

Basic Timeline

Intro Research Soft D. Finalize S/Case
Your group will research and learn about asteroids.

Take notes and share your learning to keep all members in the loop.

Start brainstorming your ideas…

Your group should be  studying the problem of an asteroid collision.

Group needs to set tasks for individual members and think of making initial contact with outside experts.

Teams will share their research so far.

Brainstorm possible solutions and think about ways to solve the problem.

Groups will share their evolving plans for stopping the collision with D-1.

They can share the merits of other plans.

They can plan and get advice from one another.

Teams will finalize their plans and then present them to the camera. (5 minute limit)

Imagine that these are being filmed for the Prime Minister to view. Be creative and have fun with them. You can record with a Flipcam, webcam, video camera, or you iPads, or, whatever works best for you.

Post these for people to see and tell people about them!

Teams will share their plans for saving the world from the D-1 asteroid with an audience.

These videos will then be added to the World Wide ‘Save the World From Imminent Death’ website (AKA – YouTube).

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